Peñas de Aia 300x300 - MOUNTAINS

They are located on the outskirts of Irún. They are considered the end of the Pyrenees and form the only Granite Mountain massif in Gipuzkoa. A natural park that protect its surroundings; a watchmen of the sea. It rises above the Bay of Txingudi. Its three summits are higher than 800m. It also has lush forests and a mining reef as great as that of Arditurri, which has been exploited for the last 2.000 years.

monte san marcial - MOUNTAINS

Monte Aldabe is known as Monte de San Marcial, due to the hermitage that was built in honor of this saint to commemorate the victory over the French in the Battle of June 30th 1522. A 225m high mountain that can be accessed both on foot and by road. There you can discover extensions of beech trees, conifers and oak linking with the natural park of Peñas de Aia, a shorter ride. Looks at the balcony of the Bidasoa. From the Mirador located next to the Hermitage, you will get an indescribable panoramic of the city, the Bay of Txingudi, Hondarribia, and the river Bidasoa.

monte jaizquibel - MOUNTAINS
Jaizquibel (545m high), is considered the last backbone of the Pyrenees. Is located between the towns of Hondarribia and Pasaia. Jaizquibel has the most spectacular landscape of the Basc Coast, with rocks that keep an impressive footprint of the passage of time and the most imposing cliffs of the area, up to 240m high. From Jaizquibel you can also take a number of routes, such as the Paseo de Talaia, the route of the 3 towers, the Camino de Santiago, etc...